IT Career Seminar 2023 (Special444)

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About The Event

The purpose of this seminar is to provide graduate or graduating students or even people from other disciplines with the information and resources they need to pursue a career in IT.
We are expecting over 500 participants to attend this seminar. We believe that this seminar will be a valuable turning point for the participants to taking crucial career decisions in their lives and also contribute to the economy positively in the era when students en mass are running behind BCS and other Govt Jobs.

A Few Words

About The Event Organizer

The Muslim Entrepreneurs Community (MEC) is a dynamic community of ambitious individuals who share a common faith and a drive for success. The primary goal of the group is to create an environment where Muslim entrepreneurs can thrive and grow, with access to the support, resources, and connections they need to succeed in their professional lives.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to ethical business practices, shaped by the values of Islam. Our members understand the importance of conducting business with integrity and honesty, and we support each other by sharing our resources, knowledge, and experiences within a trusted circle.

As Muslims, we strive to lead a balanced life, which includes our spiritual and professional growth. Unfortunately, we often find that the professional world doesn’t align with our values. That’s where MEC comes in. We’re bringing back Islamic ethical practices to every aspect of professional life. From Corporate Religious Responsibility to Social Responsibility, we aim to infuse Islamic principles into everything we do.

Our vision is simple: to be the go-to resource for Muslim entrepreneurs seeking knowledge, connections, and inspiration to build successful businesses and careers. We provide a range of services and resources to our members, including networking opportunities, educational content, access to funding and mentorship, and a platform to showcase their businesses and receive feedback from the community.

Joining MEC means having access to a large network of professional connections who can help you grow and share your expertise and experience. We bridge the gap of the lack of Islamic standards in the professional world, providing a platform for Muslims to build successful businesses while staying true to their faith.