The ‘Muslim Lifestyle Fair’ is an exciting event that celebrates the rich culture, heritage, and style of the Muslim community. This fair is dedicated to showcasing the diverse range of Muslim fashion, different lifestyle elements based on muslim culture & heritage including traditional to modern styles. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the fascinating history of Muslim lifestyle, as well as learn about the different cultural influences that have shaped its evolution over time. With engaging exhibits of various cultural goods, informative workshops, and fun activities for all ages, the Muslim Lifestyle Fair is a must-visit event for anyone interested in Muslim fashion and culture.
The purpose of this workshop is to provide graduate or graduating students or even people from other disciplines with the information and resources they need to pursue a career in IT. We are expecting over 500 participants to attend this workshop. We believe that this workshop will be a valuable turning point for the participants to taking crucial career decisions in their lives and also contribute to the economy positively in the era when students en mass are running behind BCS and other Govt Jobs.
‘Muslim Entrepreneurs & Leaders Day 2023’ is an event that brings together successful Muslim entrepreneurs and leaders to share their insights and experience with aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals. It’s a great opportunity to learn from those who have achieved success and to gain valuable insights and knowledge that can help you advance your career. Join us and discover what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur or leader in today’s business world.